Monday, November 29, 2010

It's was a Great Time - I am Thankful

Day Two - We were up pretty early to make breakfast and get underway to go to the Connecticut Science Museum.  This was a really big day.  We started in the water room and played with the various vortex water vessels and built water dams with Leggo's.

Then off to the top floor where we calculated our carbon footprints, saw the Connecticut river fishes and animals and the rocks from the glaciers that came through at the end of the ice age.  This wasn't on the hit parade for Seamus

The fifth floor offered probably the most fun.  The picture here was from the sports lab where we found he would be great at different sports.  In the pictures of health lab is the ever popular "mind game".  Two opponents strap on a headband that measures the alpha brain waves and the person with the higher waves attracts the ball towards them and subsequently loses the match.  The first time, AP won of course.  The second time (we went back three times), and after some coaching of how it works, he was able to come out victorious against another young boy like himself.

We traveled through space, saws nebulas, the sun and explored Saturn in the comfort of recliner space chairs.  Thank goodness, my feet were about to give up!

Going down - to floor four - gave us some time with race cars, sailing toy boats and balancing a beach ball on a stream of air.  We tried to beat the robot on making a puzzel, didn't win at this one.  The robot had much more experience and actually was quite funny;  imagine that!  We worked in the sight and sound lab and played with movements of how they affected sound. 

Before we could leave, we were back to the water room to play some more with the Leggo's.  I must say it was a great time with my 'favorite eight year old nephew'.  He's a joy to be with.  One evening I had him read to me a whole story - OutLoud - oh my goodness, you'd think I'd asked for some horrendous task to be done.  With some coaxing, he did read an entire story to me before dinner.  He did quite well, I was proud of him.

Bedtime is also special - there is the routine, jamies, teeth brushed - all of them, pick up the room, shoes by the door and then I get him tucked in with Koda and set the lights just so.  Then we talk - or should I say he talks, asks questions all about our day's activities.  Since we just did Thanksgiving dinner, we repeated "let's say thanks" each night and spoke about the who and what we are thankful for.

Dear Seamus - since you are not here tonight, I'll say my thanks and hope you dream of them.  I'm thankful that you come and stay with Aunt Patty; that we get to go and see Santa; that you help me with chores and do a very good job.  I'm thankful for you reading to me; for you trying raisin bread with cinnamon and sugar; for you learning to spell three words.... guitar, science, museum.   By the way, we will visit Hartford's library, the carousel, and go ice skating the next time.  Till then, love you bunches and sweet dreams.

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