Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Checking Account According to Seamus

I need to have my nephew stay with me more often.  We get into so many "deep" subjects and his questions and comments can be priceless.  Super topics - I should call it "When the innocent talks".

We were talking about money.  Giving a tip at dinner, making money, saving money for college and writting a check.  Rembember he's eight years old.  I was telling him that I save some money and  I put a check for $100 into this college account.  He wanted to know if the check had to be $100 or could it be like $90?  Good question, though I was having a hard time following the train of thought.  I was able to finally have him understand that the check could be any amount, even let's say $38.24.  Oh, ... "that's good" he sighed.

Without missing a breath, he wanted to know where did the money come from to write a check.  Was there just a place where checks are?  Like extra money?  (this must be like a money fairy?)  After some discussion I told him if I wrote a check, the money would come out of my savings account.  The bank would transfer the amount from my account to his savings account.  He thought on it for awhile, then said flatly "okay I get it.  There is no extra money around somewhere."

Topic done - on to the next one!

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