Saturday, November 13, 2010

Work with KasCare

On my creative side, I've been working with/for the organization KasCare. You can read more about them on my Creative Sources blog.  See the special page KasCare and the pledges page too!

Creating community is so rewarding.  Connecting people to work on a cause allows them to make a gift, though my gift is the 'connecting' them. I've only just begun...(sounds like a song).

My first impression with this group was to make some squares myself.  Easy and I could use up some scrap yarn. Then it grew and I thought I could organize and get the word out to others.  I wasn't sure how it would go over - though nothing ventured nothing gained.  I sent out lots of emails about the project and wouldn't you know, people responded.  Then more people responded, the outflowing is just wonderful.  Those folks that are not as 'creative' have made a contribution for the postage.  It's going to be expensive to send them to South Aftrica!

This weekend I should be picking up lots of squares - well over 100!  Watch the Creative Sources for more information on the total to date!

Thank you to all that have contributed and to all of you that will be!  I'll be continuing this work for the foreseeable future!

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