Monday, February 16, 2015

Living My 60th Year -

Snow Snow Snow and then more Snow!  A great week has gone by.  

Last week I took my middle brother and his wife out to dinner.  A prior Christmas present that was to go out to dinner - actually I did this four years in a row. They were suppose to call with a date.... that never happened.  So I told them this year what the date was and when I was picking them up.  

Actually he needed to reschedule from January to February, no fuss.  We met at a cute little place cal Amici in Shelton and had a great dinner at the beginning of yet another snow storm.  One down and three to go!

 My sister-in-law handed me over a large shopping bag with some yarn in it over the holiday as she was frustrated attempting to use the yarn and make a crochet blanket.  She chose a dark purple yarn - same brand as pictured here - and was running into difficulty.  I worked up a sample of a pattern I used for several blankets in a light color and explained how to do the stitch.   It is a simple double crochet in the back loop only and is worked with two strands at the same time with at least a N hook.  Result is that a row is over an inch tall, double strands make it very comfy, and it goes very quickly.  She seemed satisfied and I hope she begins her project soon. 

Then I received a phone call from the Library about the Town requesting to reduce their Zero increase budget by over 3% or $50,000 plus.  So we scrambled, came up with a plan, and we submitted that we close the Library all Sundays - and close on Thursday at 5pm.  That's right - lock up all those resources!!!  Close down additional meeting rooms, study rooms, the free wifi, the books, videos, cd, and other items in the collection, and shut down children and adult programing.   Our Library is the fifth busiest library in Connecticut.  More than 800 people (on average) enter our Library every day it is open.  Our work is cut out for us!  We need to rally the troops  - await to hear the response from the Town Manager - and it is tic toc tic toc.

I leave you with yellow roses that I purchased at the Volunteer Fire Department Valentines sale.  Just lovely  and and extra bunch of white ones - just because.......

Here's to a year of catching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.

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