Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snowflakes - More snow coming!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow and Let it Snow..we are singing that every couple of days.  As soon as we are "cleared out" another storm drops some more and we measure the feet it drops!.  It seems that we are getting more snow in the last few years - it depends where you are and how it is being measured.

This year is the snowiest winter on record for Boston.  No doubt and we are getting a storm slated for Thursday.  By the way it is only mid February!

While I'm some two hours west of Bean Town, we have over 3.5 feet on the ground.  Lots of icicles hanging from the roofs.  My neighbor called the mgmt co to remove the "big one" that is between our homes.  It measured, before they took it down, approximately 10 ft long. There is one on the the back roof hanging from the roof past the third floor deck!

Maybe I'll use the icicles for some inspiration for this Challenge!

Keeping my snowflake book organized can be a bit challenging.  All of a sudden I find a pattern, copy it and it's now laying in several places making me crazy.  Then making sure I photograph them.  I posted a Snowcatcher's Marble Snowflake on FaceBook and many seem to enjoy the picture.  Hope they click through.

I read about using building insulation for blocking - it comes in many sizes and you can pick up some at the big box store.  It is really dense and will help hold the pins when I begin blocking these flakes.  Note to do after the "season".

Update... pictured above these are #9, #10, #11, #12 - total of  12 out of 50 done!  With seven weeks of the year gone by already ---  this is good start for my 50 Snowflakes Challenge.

Starting at the top - This is Snowcatcher's  pattern called Marble Snowflake, to the right is #3 from White Christmas in Thread,  just below it is Mystery Flake that I  found it and adding it to the collection, and lastly is #4 also from White Christmas in Thread.

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