Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Snowflakes and Stars getting started

Start of the stars I'm going to make this year.  These are crocheted using a batch of yarn I purchased to do some 'snow people' for Christmas.

Thanks to Mom who had some left over styrofoam packaging.  Of course, she saved it and now I cam begin to block them out.

These are made from acryllic yarn called Bonbons by LionBrand. mini balls of yarn - with eight different colors.  

These are blocked with only water.  I'll check to see if the water/block/iron works or I'll have to try starch.  I don't want to lose the vibrantancy of the color.  While I was traveling last week, I was able to complete more of these stars.  It's a quick and easy pattern and great to take wherever I go.

There isn't a real plan - I want to make a whole rainbow of colors and then put them together in some type of fun 3-D arrangement.  Found some great ideas and inspirations in Pintrest - you can find my boards at Patty Foley.

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