Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Night

Oh my goodness, the Olympics are over and Bang! we are into the dang conventions. This year it seems that the two political machines are at it in a big way - I wonder how much the media gets for "living" there. I took my look from the CPTV vantage point (public TV for those non-Nutmegers) right here in my office. I figured I needed to get some 'stuff' done as I didn't feel it was going to be a riviting night.

One question - are the only people that attend are first timers? Geez Louise - it seemed that the only folks the CPTV guys could find to interview were first timers.

Last night I watched as DNC paraded Obama's family out to show the world. They seem like a very nice family. To get a kick - read my brother's blog. So we got to see Michele and her brother and sister, and of course, momma was in the audience. Why didn't they have momma speak? Their two children are just darling. Put a kid in the picture and they steal the show.

Don't forget Sen. Clinton did get up there too. If she doesn't get her supporters to turn to Obama's team, then there will be McCain in the White House!

What was probably a highlight for me was the "tribute" given to Sen. Kennedy. He is truly an icon to our Senate and has had his fingers in so much of the legislation that has passed over the years that has shaped many of our social lifestyles. With all that he has gone through, especially recently with his health issues, it was exciting to see him take the podium. My brother will tell you about the "scripted" night, yet I still get chills when I hear him speak. BTW - Carolyn looked lovely.

If you are not watching, you probably can get reruns on cable in the middle of the night between Monk and Ron Popeil supermercials. This year - I'm not expecting anything to come out of these conventions. Of course the media and political analysts will begin the score card.... so....... yawn.

So a very scripted first night - yawn

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