Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On my way to St. Louis......??

So if you noticed, my count down clock to St. Louis is not running backwards. All that is planned doesn't necessarily happen. Unfortunately I have been re-assigned to November for Children Duty.

I was so looking forward to about two weeks, in September to be with my 3 neices and nephew. Nice weather, generally, and plenty of time to do "stuff" with the kids.

This whole thing began a year ago when my brother wished to take his bride of almost 20 years to Paris for a week. WOW - nice guy ya think! So what do you do when you have four kids, with schedules that would make the current political runners look like couch potatoes. These kids are between 16 and 11(almost), and are full of energy! He calls me and says - "what are you doing next September?" LOL - I don't know - working? is this a trick question? So all in all, plans were made, plane tickets booked. I wanted to be "there" when they told the kids that I'd be coming out - any way - they did find out ahead of time. At Christmas, Taylor & Jessica asked if I'd come out - I looked at both of them, shrugged my shoulders and said, flatly, no. The look on their faces was just priceless.

So life gets in the way - and I've been rescheduled. I'll be there the day after the election. While the election is important - my role at the polls is legendary. It's the day/night that I sign up people for Library Cards. I generally do the 5:30 to 8:00pm shift at one of the schools and am usually joined by another volunteer. Well let me at them....... in an off year, like last year, I signed up 26! The highest number that I did sign up was 40 - so this year I'm looking to break records! It's funny as I can get just about everyone to show me their library card before they go in to vote! I hope more folks come out to vote and then we will have more card holders!

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