Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Timmy

Happy Birthday to you!

And many many healthy and happy ones to come!

So Tim, Timmy, Liam

You have just finished your 49th year and beginning your 50th year. I don't know when you passed me out as I still feel like a kid of 30something. You are getting ready to join the Club. Now that I figured out how to put in pictures, (we are all in trouble), it's fun.
Being the oldest and only sister(another blog on that), Tim was welcomed to our family just two years after my brother Mike. There was nothing usual about my new brother. He got the straight hair and long eye lashes! He was fun and full of spirit, and still is. He attended a special elementary school , then on to trade school to become a chef. Being creative is so natural for him. He can look in anyone's fridge and make a dinner out of its contents. He married a lovely lady, Sandy. The two of them are so good. They then adopted two pembrok corgies, Kirby and Clohe. (note - need a picture of the "kids").

Of course, please add your own stories/memories, here are a few of mine.

Being four kids, all with healthy appetities, Tim would hide fruit in the wonder bread loaf, right where the ballons cover the bag. That way he would have a piece of fruit when we would run out.

Guinea pigs - we had lots of them. I remember something with going to Mrs. Moore's on Saturday mornings with Tim and getting or giving them some of ours

Tim's van - yes it was back in the 70's and he had a really great van until a deer hit him! You'll have to ask him about that one. Though I do remember he was working at a restuarant when he took a fresh deer in and I asked for venison when it wasn't on the menu for my birthday dinner. It was so good! (the only time I didn't order "real" veal).
Living at the Penthouse in New Haven - what a nice pad! I remember that's when Sh-t Head came to be his little princess .....
Escaping from the hospital - he took a fall and hit his head, a freak accident. While he didn't think it was a big deal , Tim never does, he had quite the concussion that required hospitalization. I remember getting the call at college and running down to see him but he escaped and no one knew where he went. "I was bored and wanted real food or was it a coffee" is as close to the words I remember when he returned to the hospital.

Christmas eve dinner at Mike's in Black Rock? Did you finally arrive?

Bottles of wine - yep you can count on my brother to know his wines. I remember him getting a case of assorted bottles from CA. They were all good, even when I did cellar them for quite a while!
Happy Birthday Tim - may you have many more
Much Love,
your sis

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Denise Foley said...

Happy Birthday Tim, The St. Louis Foley's miss you,