Sunday, August 10, 2008

TA DA .... It looks beautiful!

Hello all, I know it's been a while though in keeping up with business, new home, family stuff, old home, I can get bushed by the end of the day.

Friday - I signed to have the Woodsedge Unit sold, yesterday were the pictures and hopefully later today it will be live on the MLS.

When you enter my home, you are met with the Irish Claddagh. The grouping in the circle shows that they are all connected. the hands for friendship, the heart for love, and the crown for loyality all that resides within.

First - thank yous to all that have assisted in this move, Jules, the ever Helpful One who packed, cleaned, and offered advice and thought in advance; Tom, great neighbor and use of his Volvo station wagon and aero bed, Joe, thanks for the use of the aero bed and being a great neighbor - hug Normar for me; Lee, a friend and my agent; Fred, on moving day to assist with the take down of the wall; moving company, three great guys that will be back once again to move all the furniture out; Christine, the wonderful stager you'll see her work below; brother Mike, for the tools; parents for just being there; and yes I may have missed someone along the way - so tell me!

Here's some pics of the finished tour - it's so lovely - maybe I could use it as a get away? LOL!

Let folks know it is FOR SALE!!

Welcome - entering the unit, and entering the kitchen - great one to work in

This kitchen has been a dream, then a goal, and now is present. An absolute joy to work in. It was all the details that made it special - let's see what the 'showings' say!

When I had it done - professionally installed yet I was the GC on the job. Attention to all the details so that it was exactly to plan and by goodness it was just that.

I had won a take home chef meal. He was impressed with it and made me such a wonderful meal. I guess I'll had to have him for a farwell dinner.

I took lots of these pics, though I'll spare you. If you want to buy it, CONTACT ME!!

The stained glass windows were hand made for this kitchen - by CRP. make note - need a better picture

After you prepare a great meal , you can dine in a lovely area and then there is also the al fresco space

This is lovely place where I spent lots of time enjoying reading and visits by my human and feathred friends; the bird feeder is missing as the stager didn't want to have it messy out there. Uncle Bob - yes those are those patio chairs!

Moving back inside....

The area rug that you can see is the one I made (note another better picture needed)

That back wall had my entertainment center on it. So someone with a "big tv" has no problem to put it there!

My little "spa", arched shower curtain rod, plenty of counter space, amazing size of cabinet and drawers and storage for a little 5 x 8 space, and those lights are on a dimmer to make it just so :)

I'll miss this space as my new place has two and a half baths with no style at all.

After freshing up - you may retire to either of the two bedrooms.

The first one had been my office. A great space with lots of light. It looks enormous without the office in it!

Great light, great views into the woods

That rhody outside the window is just lovely when it blooms!

Now the second, I used as my master bedroom it was a cozy room with a great feature - read on......

So what's behind that door # 1?

Remember - storage should be pleasurable - not that I had lots of stuff - I'm not a stuff person... so to make it all pretty and there is somthing to be said for 'a place for everything and everything in its place'.... if the kitchen or the bath didn't do it for for door @#1.....

Its the walk-in closet--
Its the cedar lined walk-in closet--
Its the built in, cedar lined, walk in closet-
I'm proud of this one - I built it myself, and has laminate flooring installed by yours truly!

Thanks for stopping by - leave me a note! Tell your Friends Family and assorted other Folks in your life............... It's for SALE!!!


Jessica said...

Geez Louise Aunt Patty, your apartment is AH-MAZING!!!!!!

PattyCPA said...

Thanks Jess..... just wait till I get pictures of the new place!... Living Large LOL!!!

Old Cable Guy said...

These pictures are great