Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Success - Its up to you

Some days it seems that the only thing I can hear is "complain, make up excuses, complain". Gosh darn it folks, get a life, be thankful, make a decision to just love the day.

It's so much easier - I bear witness to that statement. Today is a gift.

I'm quite a fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer. I have one of his PBS specials that I listen to in the car when driving. (note to self - need to get another one) It's my time to meditate, think about the bigger things in life.

There is one part in the audio book that is about problems. Really they are not problems until YOU make them your problem. Ask the guy next to you about the problem, and he/she won't know anything about it. You will fixate on the issues, and go from non-issue to a pimple, to a cyst to a mountain. This is not to take away from anyone struggling with health challenges, with employment or lack there of, it is truly asking you to sit back and look past the "problem" and see that it is up to you to make a decision on how you deal with those issues.

So tomorrow, when you hear a "problem" come up, take a moment and send it away, take the positive fork in the road - you may be very surprised at what you find. Keep it up for a little while, and you may really not have any problems. Transform Life- is a video/audio by Dr. Dyer - listen here.

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