Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reservation Two

Camp is going to be fun this summer. Tonight I'm attending a concert - provided it doesn't get rained out again! Last night around 5pm all the heavens and maybe some hell fell down upon the greater Hartford area. I lost power until earlier today. The turnpike was shut down - that was a sight to see! WestFarms Mall had to close.

Tonight's concert is the Talcott Mountain series to be held in Simsbury featuring HSO and it will be a tribute to Woodstock. You remember that time/place 40 yrs ago?

The next reservation was just received for Aunt Patty Camp. I invited (through my sister-in-law - following protocol) my three nieces that live in St. Louis to spend the night with me on their trip out here later this summer. I was just "chatting" (yes online on FB) with my oldest niece and found out that the offer I made has been accepted. The pressure is on. As she said "Taylor Foley WE'RE STAYING AT YOUR HOUSE!!I'm so excited!!! It's gunna be the best girls night ever!!!"

I better get KC prepared!

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Old Cable Guy said...

good luck with them....maybe you will have to ground them....we always do.!!