Monday, June 8, 2009

Anniversary Time

Time has flown by. A little more than a year ago, I was in the throws of buying a new home, beginning a blog, and making great changes in my life. It';s truly been a great ride.

For the 1900 or so folks that have stopped by here, thank you! To the Great moving company, thanks again guys for both moves. To Family and Friends, thanks for being there! To Agent Lee, such great support on all those details and the final "push".

With any endeavour such as this, there is the anniversary! So on the 13th - the close; and the 18th the office move. I've made certain promises to myself to have it "all in its place" no later than 1 year of the move in. I don't have any boxes from the move (except for the flatten & stored ones).

It looks like I'll be keeping the promise! All closets (except the last two) have been emptied out and re-organized. The last two are scheduled, yes, on my calendar, to be completed by the deadline. Most of this work has added to my "would like to do in the decorating department" once I get past my anniversary.

Lately, as I have been accomplishing a new way of living, looking forward, of course have shared this with friends, colleagues, and family. What I have found is that all of them still have boxes, from the "last move" or the "lack of a move". I was speaking about this very subject to a good friend. She moved some 18 months ago and hasn't yet settled in. Check back tomorrow to see some helpful tips if you are in the same boat.

Anyway - I'm going to continue to work in the office to complete those tasks I need done for the Grand 18th!

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