Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Dig

Today I had lunch with a long time friend of mine, Bob. We go back quite a long time, he's a brilliant CS guy with an amazing wife, (hi Pat) and great daughters. Bob is one of my first clients where we have done the entire assignment paper free several years ago. It's great to continue to use the technology when both of us knew the main frame as the "answer" back some decades ago.

Like many brilliant folk, you love what you do and do what you love. Yet you have many, many interesting hobbies and interests. One of Bob's is to go on archaeological digs right here in CT. He's found lots of indian heads or flint heads, shards of pottery and even a large pot from about 1800. There are some real scientific methods to doing the dig. After a brief discussion, I may be able to volunteer on a new dig that is going on not too far from here. I just love a new adventure!

Watch here in the futre for some update,

by the way Bob------ Happy Birthday again!

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