Monday, July 13, 2009

Ennui or Not?

For those of you wondering what the heck - its the new word for the day! If you are wondering here's the entry in Merriam-Webster. A FYI - I like this site as it has the audio pronouncation.

I can say I am NOT ennui. Are You?

Ennui is related to one's level of consciousness and focus. Actually I was surprised to see the amount of studies that have been preformed at trying to obtain a better understanding. According to a study done with college students, those individuals that had a high positive self-awareness, i.e. awareness of their own internal states—reported lower overall ennui. In contrast, those who showed a lot of negative self-awareness—characterized by judgmental ruminations—had high ennui. My niece with her PMAs from Hoby is not one to have or become ennui. In another study as related in this article of Scientific American, the personality characteristics attributed to high ennui are generally not great ones to put on a resume or how to attract and influence friends.

So what to do? Get yourself in the groove (am I dating myself?) and make the day! Whatever it dishes up (today was a lulu), take a moment to laugh, smile, dance, and feel good. Whenever I feel good(most of the time), I don't have any ennui in my life!

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