Thursday, July 2, 2009

You don't need to relocate Seattle to get the rain

If you are reading this and reside in CT, you know what I am talking about. We have a Flood Potential for today and the weekend! Happy 4th! The folks in Seattle are not getting the rain ? Seems we have done a flip/flop.

Did someone do something to Mother Nature lately? The amount of rain is just amazing - I mean like every day! The CT River is only this high in the spring with the snow melt. One of the reservoirs is at record height for this time of year. In CT we only expect to recieve about on average from 32 to 64 inches a year. We got some 8 inches last Friday and my 'ducky' measureing device outside needs to be emptied every day!

Heck I'm not all by myself on this one. Our elected officials have issued a report Rev 3/16/09 regarding what we will have to do to not only protect property, but to deal with the consequences with wastewater treatment; dams, flood plains, the roads, ----- Go Get 'em DEP!

Any way - my plants are not growing, the tomatoe plant is getting yellow and the herbs are not flourshing. Though my association must be saving $$s as the lawn is only mowed once every two weeks.

So I bring out my own Sunshine - go to the Library - stop by and pick up a Museum and Attraction pass and give yourself a stay-at-home-vacation! There is so much to do and you may just surprise yourself.

Anyway Happy 4th!

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