Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Helpful Business or Not?

Sunday was our annual family picnic. It's a big event with just about everyone able to attend this year. We begin around 10am and conclude the day in the early evening. So not a big deal except that I was between "camp" guests, had laundry running, and needed to get groceries for the second group. I have a klutzy habit of my mind being three days ahead of my body so I can bump into stuff. That day in one of my "Patty's school of grace and charm" moments, I stepped off the concrete patio and semi-twisted my ankle. Didn't think too much of it until I needed to take off for those couple of errands.

My ankle began to throb - ouch alot. I was in Shaws grocery, had just checked out and forgot to turn in my coupon. The checkout attendant looked at me and said I had to go to the Courtsey desk to turn in the coupon. The Courtsey desk was at the other end of the store. I asked if she could take care of it, nope, and was more concerned to know the event that lead to my ankle hurting and said "thank goodness you didn't fall in the store". She promptly walked away to chat it up with a fellow attendant. I just stood there. No one else was in line, just me.

Helpful - I say not. It's really a sad time to witness how little some folks care about their fellow human being. Instead of singing the praises of this attendand and Shaws, it's another example how NOT to do business.

PS the ankle got some much needed ice and a few asprins, and is all better, thanks for asking!

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