Monday, July 27, 2009

The Three Girls!

So Camp continues, my three nieces from St. Louis had their very first sleep over with me. It was great to spend our time just hanging out and sharing their thoughts hopes and dreams. We talked into the late evening and even watched a video - girls night out. Really bad and silly.
The following day it was sleep in, for them at least I finished Jessica's big girl blanket finally. It was a crochet piece in a patchwork quilt pattern. Then it was Shelby's turn to pick out a blanket for herself. After lots of books, and even a trial swatch of a red pattern subsitiuted into blues, she decieded on a a StarBurst pattern.

The rest of the day, we had breakfast,brunch, lunch. In a meal as that anything goes - even fudge!! It was then off to the library to drop off books and, but of course, borrow more books paper and cd and takeaway and a cd of music. We then left to so go to Milford to birthday shop at Mood Swings though it had closed early. Sad - so - I took them to the beach and we walked the beach for a bit. Great day outside. After our little adventure at low tide, we all went to dinner at the Outrigger. It's on the Sound, and we sat out on the deck for a lovely dinner. I must say we were the only table showing we were having lots of fun on the Monday night. We had lots of laughs, a bit of silliness, and most of all great memories. Thanks girls...... love ya Aunt Patty

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