Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camp back in CT with Spencer

Spencer beating the computer!
It was a great time in St. Louis, though Camp was unattended back home.  With few days back on the ground, and attempting to see if the local nieces/nephews wanted to get to camp, Spencer came out on top.  His time spot was limited as he was going to begin football practice by mid-month in August.

First of all, his dad got him to me by 8 a.m. on Thursday morning!  Spenc - what a trooper.   We took the day a bit easy only after making sure I noticed that I am now shorter than he was!  Hmmm something happened in the last six month!  He's wearing a size 10-1/2 shoe already.  We kidded each other all weekend long. 

It was an easy day - he helped in the office and made a few bucks!  Let me tell you, he's a great assistant.  Follows directions, was neat, asked great questions, and he was able to complete all the shredding in the office.  We searched the internet about some really great sneakers, got the pass from the Library and did a little bit of grocery shopping.  We also began to design his blanket! 

We went to the New Britain Youth Museum at Hungerford Park with a pass from the Library.  It was so hot outside!  We did see the various animals inside, turtles, furry creatures, fishes, and all type of rodents.  There was one snake there, oh my goodness, it was enormous.   The animals in the outside cages were not showy due to the heat.  We tried to hike around the lake, though the temperatures were soaring.  Instead we headed for home, only after going to the store and finding the exact sneakers he was looking for on-line.  I had him try them on for size and walk around.  Heck I got a bonus, and I found a pair of new sneaks for myself.

Friday was the big day - we went to the CT Science Museum again.  Of course we saw a 3D movie - The Oceans.  It was really amazing.  So today's plan was to start at the top and work our way down.  This way we should be able to see all the exhibits.  Unfortunately the car race was not there, but the mind relaxation game was.  This game is based on your brain waves.  You put a headband on and it measures your output.  The less of the output (more relaxed) the more the ball moves to your opponent!  Spencer was really good at this the year before and beat me heads down.  This year, we equally won.  Actually one game wasn't going to end until one of us got the giggles.  We agreed that it wasn't as exciting as last year, I guess we can choose something different for next year. 

Spencer shooting the ball with air
We finished up on the early side as I had reservations at the Rock Cats Stadium.  So off we went to the game.  Sad to say the Rock Cats were having a pretty bad season.  As I write this - they are 44/97 OUCH.  They were playing Akron at home.  First inning Akron gets two runs and the balance of the evening is three up and three down for both teams without much excitement until the ninth inning.  Then the excitment began.  Akron - three up and three down.  Now its the Rock Cats turn. They get hits, get a run,  and are on base (possible grand slam) with a chance to win the game.  It wasn't their night.  The fans were very generous in supporting the team.  Just as the last out was called, the announcers drop the lights and we had a fireworks display that would rival any fourth of July show.  It was fantastic.  Lasted some 30 minutes.  What a great day with Spencer.

Saturday was a family picnic.  I was up late the night before and early the next morning getting all the supplies and picnic stuff ready to bring.  The heat subsided, thank goodness!  It was going to be one of the most glorious days of summer.  We get to the park, it was a mess, I'm embarrassed.  Spencer helped with site cleanup. Family began to arrive and we began with our festivities.  I didn't see much of him as he buddied up with his cousins Trenten and Brenan for lots of fun playing bocci, some game in the woods, time at the pool.  He checked in throughout the day and that was good.  Before we knew it it was time to pack it up and take it back to base camp. 

Sunday, a lazy morning, he read the newspaper to me and had a chance to talk with his cousin, Chris in St. Louis.  We considered we could go to a movie.  One of his maternal side cousins had a bit part in an action movie.  I didn't like the trailers so we decided that the animated film would be a better choice.  We were off to see Despicable Me.  Really cute movie, the minions had me laughing,  lots of 'jokes' and who wouldn't just love the story line. 

Wow - time just flew by.  When you have the opportunity to spend time with your nephew - it's a real treat.  We had lunch and then I dropped him off.    His football schedule just arrrived.  I need to coordinate my schedule with his so I could see him play this year.

Spencer - you are a great nephew.  You made camp the best!  Designing your blanket will be very cool.  Now I need to make the pattern and samples and have you approve it.  Next year - we will find a new adventure!  Maybe the Yanks at the Green Monster?  Thanks and love you lots!

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