Thursday, September 2, 2010

Camp with Chris

Gluten Free Treats
This was an early day.  At the crack of dawn, just after breakfast, we packed a cooler with some waters and Chris, Shelby and I (and Agnes GPS) were off for a day of adventure.

I know I said that I would have a day with each of my nieces and nephew. Unfortunately, the airline and my miles couldn't make it work. So let me say - Shelby and Chris - you are still owed a day each!

Grant's Farm was Chris's choice for his part of the day.  The farm is named after Ulysses S. Grant, our 18th president who farmed some of the land in the 1850s.  The farm was subsequently purchased by the Busch family(think beer).  It is now operated by Anheuser-Busch and is free to the public.  (ahem - except for parking!)

Chris & Baby Goats
Spotted Cattle
We took the trolley ride and saw quite a few of the 900 animals. At the end, we entered the part of the park that you can get up close and personal with the animals.  (note - I have lots of sun screen on today!) 

 "Aunt Patty we have to feed the baby goats" was  all I heard.  Now, some time ago, back when I was younger than Chris & Shelby, I had a run in with a goat.  That goat jumped and marked up my favorite sailor shirt.  Today - that isn't going to happen. 

So here we are at the pen of baby goats.  There are about 3 dozen of very hungry little goats all squeeling for milk.  There isn't much else that could be cutier.  I bought bottles of milk and we, along with lots of folks, were herded by the goats to get a lick at the bottles.

Bud getting ready to show off
We moved on to see lots more animals.  By now it is so hot, most of the animals are not in-the-mood to show off except for the elephant, Bud.  (I'm thinking of an ice cold one now - pun intended)  We climbed up the small stadium, found seats, and enjoyed the show. Woohoo it is in the shade. 

Bud did all sorts of tricks and we learned lots.  After the show, I held the kids back so we could have a personal one-on-one with the trainer.  Shelby and Chris had lots of questions and it was great to learn more about Bud.

Bud showing off
We wound our way back to the baby goats after going through a sprinkler system. It was helping with the hot and dust of the day.

Goats it is and what do you think?  It was lunch time and of course we had to feed the goats again!  One of then found me and followed me around - oh no, I'm thinking, was this guy is going to jump on me.  Nope - he was a leaner and just wanted to be scratched and petted.

Hey Chris, this was fun! I'd go again or lets try another adventure.  With a little navigation, and some info from 'mommy' about our choice for lunch, we were off to Bandana's.

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