Friday, September 3, 2010

Shelby's Day at Camp

Last but not least was my time with Shelby. First we had a chance to taste some chocolate truffles. Last trip out, she and I went to this chocolate shop. She had a gift certificate and I filled in the rest.  Auntie explained, truffles are to be savored not gobbled. So we did. We bought one truffle for each day and we shared. So a tradition lives on. I think the champagne flavor was our favorite this time.

After lunch - see the post on Boiled Peanuts it was off to the City Museum. We found street parking, this time no charge as it was Saturday. This place was the invention of Bob Cassilly when he and his wife Gail purchased a bunch of vacant space in St. Louis. In a couple of years, City Museum opened. The Project for Public Spaces marked this as a "Great Public Space of the World" in 2005. This place is wild! I'd go back just to be able to spend more time again.

Our mission was to gain admission to the World Aquarium on the 2nd floor. It was really crazy and loud. Here we are - thousands of animals and fishes. We scooted through tunnels with the sharks swimming all around us. Yes, did but bring some wax paper to sit on so you can quickly to through. We petted stingrays - actually gentle giants and smooth as a baby's bottom. I swam with a few of them in the Bahamas! Oh course there was a shark feeding session. Pretty impressive. We fed more fishes in other parts of the exhibit.
There were parrotts and none of them wanted a cracker. We watched the otters play. A cockatoo that wouldn't stay in his pearch. He kept screeching on about something.  The slough didn't like the cockatoo and very slowly walked across a tree limb just above our heads.

(ring ring goes the cell phone - Chris heard it as I was almost deaf by the amount of noise - it was Denise - wanted to know what we were up to? Oh having an amazing ball! Why? She's worried about dinner. Heck we just ate. I told her I'd call her back later.)

Shelby  & Chris
In the middle of this day - it became spa day. There was one tank, Doctor Fish, that I could barely keep Shelby out of. Actually, I enjoyed it and Chris tried it a couple of times. The tank had several hundred Garra Rufa's in it. If you don't know what a Garra Rufa is then I'll give you a hint. They are little fishes, silver in color and about an inch long fish. Originating from hot springs in Turkey, these little guys love to kiss human hands and feet. It is quite the rage. After inserting my hands into the tank, feet not allowed at this timne, they came out better than the treatment I get at my spa and a lot more fun.  Every time I looked around Shelby had her hands in the tank.  Dang it the cell phone is ringing.
(ring ring again - guess who - it's Pete - well I didn't call back because, oh, I guess we were having so much fun. They were getting hungry.  Restuarant selection was a heated matter by all the locals.  I didn't care, I'm pretty easy.  Are you thinking that the mommy and daddy are missing out on too much fun?)

After our fill of fishes and all, we went to the ramp room to run about, they went through mystery mazes in the dark to come out the other side of the room. Heck this Aunt was getting a bit panicky when it seems like they were gone hours. I was almost ready to go in after them. My patience was rewarded as they came out from the other side of the room - so was my sunburn.

There was a rope swing, we watched shoe laces made on antique machines, we ran and jumped, though I did stop at taking the tube slide from the 2nd floor to the first floor.  The first floor must be 20 feet tall!! 

What is amazing is the level of creativity throughout this place. Enormous pieces of building architecture have been moved into the place and around every corner is a true surprise.  You can touch everything. Since it was over 90degrees, we skipped the roof top. Now I truly have something to go back and see.

Okay - Auntie convinced the kids that we would eat dinner with the family after crys of "but it's our day".  Talk about making you feel special.  I told them we could do something cool afterwards if we wanted.  Agnes (GPS) was not cooperating and finding the restuarant was hysterical and fustrating.

Denise, Chris, Shelby
Taylor, Me, Pete
Fast forward - we had dinner  at PF Changs - chinese food but not your usual.  It was great and we were able to eat glutin free ( ahem except for the beer).

Dinner is over and  we asked Agnes to guide us back.  It looks like it is going to rain - black skies and all of a sudden the skies open and it pours.  I mean pours, big thunder and great lightening.   I was looking for a place to pull over and wait it out.

There I am, navigating according to Agnes when GPS according to Chris speaks up.  We HAVE TO GO to Silky's Frozen Custard Stand.  Shelby is cheering and yeah, I'm game.  Agnes was getting a bit upset with Chris as she kept on recalculating.  There it is, reminds me of a place at the beach.  Quick, pull in and a mad dash to get out of the rain.  I was instructed what to buy (thanks Chris), a Concrete (like a DQ Blizzard for you east coast people).  WOW and  YUM YUM!  This is better than DQ.  When we finally got home, with our Concretes in hand, we were greeted with sadness that we didn't bring them some.  My response, with a sly grin, we could have got some on your day!

Shelby this was a great day.  Actually each day we tasted our truffles was special. Thanks so much for being a sport and sharing it with your brother.   I'm looking forward to having you & me for a whole day!  Maybe the Doctor Fish spa?

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Anonymous said...

I am definently looking forward to our Doctor Fish spa day!

Thanks for an awesome day and week! I miss you!!