Sunday, September 12, 2010

It is Fall already? It's time for the PLAN...

I guess it is. Something about going to the other side of Labor Day weekend kinda puts an end to the summer season.  Some feel saddened by it's end, me on the other hand, love the changes in the season.  I can smell the autumn in the air.

This last week it has been just wonderful here in CT. The weather has been warm in the days and cool in the night. Sleeping at it's best. It is also when I get a new surge of energy. 

Time to look back at the Plan for this year.   Take a moment to pull out your Plan.  How did you do?  What does it look like?  Did of my post of throwing out 50 things help?

Here's a few successful ones.   
Garden - planted a great patio herb garden. I have been enjoying fresh herbs all summer long.  Learned that pansies don't last well in containers and planting mini bells in the garden do well.  My large fern in the front garden is just a bit too big.  A little later in the season, I'll dig it up and move it.  The water hyacinth, while the bloom doesn't last long, it is a beauty.

Garage - I've been able to consolidate down the bit's and pieces and have labeled the boxes for future reference!  Wow it is great.  I've actually made some space there.  Now there are a few boxes on the floor with various plasticware containers in them that don't fit in the kitchen. Again, time to resort them into using on a regular basis vs. use for picnic and big party events.

Office - All but one box is scanned.  All shredding is up-to-date. Thanks to my nephew Spencer. We can now recyle the junk mail so my older study guides will get tossed out.  The lighting challenge has been addressed with the electricians.  I may have an expandable plan to set into action. 

Guest Room - nothing is better than having guests visit.  Since the guest room also doubles as my creative studio, I have had a chance to spiff it up. It will be a work in progress.

Lately I have found some 'guest' items to make them feel right at home.  Heck, I wasn't even here for my last guest, Pat's visit.  The card Pat left for me on my kitchen counter said it well "Every time a heart is touched by kindness, another flower blooms".

You can have extra tooth brushes on hand, small size toiletries, soap, towels, etc. I purchased a bunch of them at the Dollar Store or Big Lots.  All of them were supplied in a basket and waiting on a table in the room.  I supplied a small electric strip so my guests could plug in their techy gadgets.  As hostess, I wish my guests to feel right at home. Something I learned growing up. I wise person said, "'s not the size of your home that matters, it's the love the guest feels.  Second guess their needs and wants, don't make them ask". 

That statement inspired a Bonus in my current year Plan.  I've developed Guest Info pages; like you'd find in a hotel.   It lists the how and what of the household like mechanicals and appliances, take out menus, alarm systems, how to operate the remotes, phone numbers for the house, cell numbers, emergency numbers.  Computer related information like 'guest passwords', etc. and let us not forget what  Ms. KC needs <meow>!

Overall, like many of us, our Plan is longer than we anticipate. Just spending time reviewing my Plan, I feel great.   I love my bonus above, I love what has been accomplished, and it has inspired me to think about what I need to schedule for this new season.  How about you?  Are you re-inspired? 

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