Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Stove, Fridge, a work in progress

Since I moved in, I have struggled with the ever-running fridge and a stove which burners were hot or cold and not inbetween and an oven that really couldn't calibrate the temp.

 I did well with it, trying my best to cook on top.  I love to cook.  Heck baked potatoes would take 1-1/2 hrs at 350F? 

My neighbor, Jules and I have discussed at length various solutions to our kitchens.  She has the same one but just the opposite layout.  She even tried to get a new fridge awhile ago, but ran into broken delivery promises.

A couple of weeks ago, a P.C. Richard & Son opened down the street.  She's on the ball!  Bless this woman as she goes about checking prices and models and styles, etc.  She then makes an expedition to the new store, physically inspects the goods and buys.  I recieved a phone call to come on over after the install.  I was so impressed.  What a difference it made to our older style kitchens.  She's so kind that she gave me a copy of her receipt. 

I'm no fool - so I go down the next day and buy the same ones.  What is missing?  Did you guess the new range hood?  If you did, it's not missing, it is just not installed.  Later this week, the electrician will be stoping by to install the new microwave/hood and do a bunch of other small electrical repairs.

Wow - the kitchen looks so much better.  I'm considering changing out the counter tops for something updated and add the same material to the wall between the cabinets and counter.  While it isn't my dream kitchen, my electric bill will decrease, it feels newer, my cake baking won't be so challenged and I'll live with it for a few more years.

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