Monday, September 1, 2008

The Garden / The Balcony

So it's been 2-1/2 months since I moved into my new home and I noticed that I didn't have any pictures yet - so here's the front door. You can see my tomato plant, herb garden, and some flowers. Yes that's sun tea by the the front door.

When you stand on the front stoop, this is the little garden we have in front. The shrubs are taken care of by the Assoc - though the only thing they do is trim them in to little pom-poms. I added some mulch called chocolate and a few plants. Jules added some stone creatures to keep it all interesting. (really cute) There is a green plant up front that is "savannahs" plant. It has remained green throughout the summer and appears to like it's new home. I planted some maiden grass and it looks like it also feels at home in the front garden though I may need to move it next year as it is going to be too big where it is.

So what have I done while here - lots though it seems like it's not adding up - okay I'm laughing as it is coming along. It's just not done - and it would be nice just to be done and I can go about my business. Today I did get something completed, the right side of the living level balcony-and here it is. With some of my furniture still at the previous place - it's a bit tough to feel 'all moved in'. Today I made a mission to find a table to sit at with the chairs I purchased earlier. Bonus, also found a candle candelabra. Tonight was the first night I was able to sit at a table and have dinner and on the balcony. It was just lovely - quite relaxing.

The other side of the balcony has two of my plants - my christmas catcus that blooms in March or April - and Tom's orphaned plant. One of them will move up to the other balcony and I will need to find there 'winter' home soon. I set up my little fountain for now, bird feeder hasn't attracted birds yet -hmmmm (Jules said to hang out a sign). The chimes I had from the Amish fair in PA were just taken down for the 's' hook. Now some metal artwork and a better light, small serving table and the "outside living area" will feel the absolute best. I'm looking forward to tomorrow moring coffee on the balcony!
I'm looking at books and getting ideas for my retreat / bedroom area. I need to find a solution so that it can be completed before the 'season' begins. I really don't need any of the furniture used in staging so that will not impede the progress of this new focus.

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