Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Picnic

The Caselli Picnic - 2008

Another year has come and the Caselli Clan came together to celebrate family. I'm not sure when we started the summer picnic but it was after we began the Cousins get-to-gether in January.

As far as I remember, it was held at the Paradise Swim Club and now, for the last three years, at the Churchill Park.
If all of us showed up we would be 17 from the Foley's, 12 from the Caselli's, and 17 from the Morico's (including Jodi! welcome) for a grand total of 45 or so! What a picnic.

Now getting together is to catch up and do the cross news around the family. And then the food, we have a generally repeat list of what to bring and everyone chips in for the rental and pool fees. First breakfast - coffee's and fried dough with your choice of sugar or sauce with cheese. We went through 13 lbs of dough! Thank you Uncle Bob & Aunt Marl. The we take a little break, pool opens, the bocce balls come out along with other sports equipment and of course decks of cards or board games. It's quite the time, lots of laughs. Then of course it comes time to eat lunch. So we start the grill -charcoal please. Cook the dogs and burgers, lots of salads-macroni, lettuce, potatoe, baked beans, fruit salad and let us not forget making macroni with the anchovie sauce. Yes, in the middle of summer we are boiling water and cooking spagets! Thank to my mom for keeping the tradition.

Over the year's the kids have brought friends to assist in the entertianment of the day. The last several year's I've brought a guest. Last year's guest, didn't stay too long in my life after the event as he was surprised I belonged to a big family. The family is generally harmless. My cousin Sherri may rename my S.O. to a name more her liking - do you remember "tom"? Then of course there is the interrogation that can happen. We are just looking to have another party!
This year I brought Stanley! Stanley had moved in to my new condo and everyone was buzzing as to who he is. Even my brother Tim was barely home from his vacation in Scotland and was asking who Stanley is. That's one thing in this family - news travels faster than a wild fire. Sherri even said she asked my sister-in-law Denise to ask Shelby what Shelby's conversation with Aunt Patty - did Shelby dig up anything? Shelby said (according to Denise via Sherri) that Aunt Patty kept saying 'we' did this and that - and said it would not be polite to ask who the 'we' was. So here's the picture of Stanley....

What a guy!!! LOL to those of you who didn't know and it was pretty good that I was able to string you along.
You'll never know .... there could be a Stanley in the future.
What was not limited on this great day was the amount of rain we saw in the late afternoon. It allowed us to watch a video of the 60's of Aunt Marl & Uncle Bob's various movies. It was great to see all of us from back there. We were all so cute and young back then.
Now this camera has an interesting feature so I'm going to try it here. I did a video clip - so turn up your sound and say hi to everyone. See you all Next Year -------Remember we have a wedding to attend next July!!

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