Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Spencer

Happy Birthday Spencer!!!

I'm wishing you the best birthday ever - double ones. I hope that you have a great day.

You are an amazing young man - quite talented, good at school, likes lots of sports and a great scout! I especially like the weaving you made for me. It was one of the first things I unpacked in my new home. I think of you often, especially when I see it in my studio.

So what will this new year be for you? I'm sure there are lots of things you would like to. Will you go camping again? I bet Dad loves going out there with you.

Well Buddy - I'm looking forward to when you'll come up to visit me.

Whatever you do, remember to have a good time, enjoy yourself and those around you.

We love you lots - Happy Birthday to You!

Love ya,
Aunt Patty

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Denise Foley said...

Boy am I behind!! Spencer, I wish you a very Happy birthday, you're the best. I haven't read AUnt Patty's blog in a while so I am sorry I am late in responding to this.
Love you so much,
Aunt Denise