Tuesday, February 3, 2009


.. is one of my all time favorite topics to read about. In the last several months I've been either re-reading great titles from my collection or borrowing new ones from the Library. Thanks Lucy Robbins Welles!

Now that the first month of 2009 is completed, time to take a bit of personal inventory.

I'll be traveling in a few days to get some much needed sunshine and spend time with a good friend of mine. Kerul and I met at the mid-Atlantic Conference of NAWBO in November 2001. We met in a class to design and develop a master mind group run by Jane Pollak. We've had members come and go, we've missed a few meetings, we have ebbed and flowed, and some seven plus years have come and gone and we have met, every month for one hour of Master Mind. She's a life coach and you can reach her business site - New Leaf Systems. Of course my site is a click away.

Master Mind - developed by Andrew Carnegie and you can read about it in a book by Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich"pg 147. Copyrighted back to 1960, yet the original book was back to 1937. A tremendous book with lots to think about and put into action. A master mind group - is a group of individuals coming from different skill sets. We are charged with telling about our "Challenges, Successes we have experienced since the last meeting and the Goals we are going for by our next meeting". By having all these different skill sets - many of the challenges are made into goals and then into successes!

It's an amazing one hour - you are focused on your group and you take stake in your actions. So my Challenges were getting a cold, setting up for tax season, planning a little get away, dealing with how the snow is dealt with in my new home. Successes - enjoyed my 53rd birthday, enjoyed spice cake, got over a cold, had a brunch party with Tim & Sandy and my parents, ordered and installed a new computer (thanks Dan!), saw the first plan for the Library expansion, read/listened to 12 books. Goals, visit with Kerul and enjoy the FL sunshine, finish making up my schedule for the next several months, attend the Lace Guild meeting once a month, keep up with the daily chores, finish up a crochet blanket and write my blog, get busy with the expansion!

So what does this have to do with leadership - it has to do with keeping your doors open for opportunities, multiplying your mind's resources, and giving your imagination a chance to wonder to the unknown. This is my fertile ground for new ideas and solutions.

I invite you to give it a try - if you bring "old man IF" to the table - read on pg 229 as he's not your friend and has kept you from obtaining your hopes, dreams and goals.


Jane Pollak said...

I'm thrilled to read that you and Kerul are connected and have a Mastermind Group that's helped you succeed. I credit Mastermind with the bulk of my business growth. Being held accountable by an esteemed group of peers is motivating and inspiring.

PattyCPA said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for stopping by - I've been a big fan of mastermind and You for a long time. I love your blog - keep up the great inspirations!