Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Horse Fever

Hi Gang at the Kerul & Dave corral,

Many years ago I had a most unfortunate experience with a pony that ran away with me on it's back. I thought I was going to have a little ride but oh no, the pony had other ideas. After what seemed like a hundred miles of a straight away gallop, the pony just stopped dead in its tracks. I was glad but truly shaken up.

Since then, even though I wanted to go to Camp Bobbin Hollow for equestrain delights, I wasn't sure I wanted to be within close proximity to a horse again.

Time flies by......................... I find myself in Florida last week visiting a great friend of mine, Kerul. Well she and her husband, Dave, have two horses, Goldie pictured above) and Dakota (to the right) and as we make plans for my visit, she does remind me that we have horse duty on Saturday and Sunday. So I gather up myself and pack a bit more self-confidence.

Lets say - it's one thing to be on one side of the fence and the horse on the other side - it's a whole other thing when you are standing in the middle of five horses and they all want a treat. I observed Dave as he took Goldie through her steps. They use the Pirelli method. It is great and I had a chance to 'be the with horses'. I had the opportunity to be "THE TREAT KIOSK" - those horses knew just what pocket I had the treats in! It was amazing to let them know I was the leader of the pack and they "listened".

Thanks to Kerul and Dave and my first lessons - I felt quite comfortable with Goldie and Dakota, while I was on the ground. Possibly on my next visit I may have the chance to get up on one for a "controlled ride" around the pen.


Shelby Foley :) said...

Their soooo cute Aunt Patty!

Old Cable Guy said...

Oh you big scaredy cat.....go and get back on that horse...(pony)

Denise Foley said...

That's a story I have never heard! Glad to hear you've faced your fear!