Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kindness begets Kindness

Such a simple statement. From the Greek proverbs, it has guided most of my life. Being kind, is not difficult, it is purely a choice. It is how I wish to be treated. We all have heard the "Golden Rule" and "treating others as you wish to be treated".

Of course there are those individuals out in the world that don't live by these words or deeds. They are everywhere. The other day - a whole bunch of drivers were going like heck and blowing their horns and they really didn't get any where any quicker. Then there was this lady yesterday, since she had a tough life, we all needed to re-live her tough life and no one going forward is allowed to enjoy a better choice. Then there are the 'spoiled brats' of the world and they think they deserve everyone to wait on them, yet they give nothing in return except bad behavior. I hope by now you may have thought of one or two individuals in your life.

So what do you do. While we can not eliminate them, we can set boundaries to keep these folks from taking energy from you. You need to raise the bar as to their behavior and it's consequences. Sometimes, you need to leave them behind and move ahead. What ever you choose, be kind. You may never know that the lesson given about kindness may come back to you one hundred fold.

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Denise Foley said...

words the world should live by!