Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Bob

Happy Birthday Uncle Bob,

You'll probably have to see this on mom's computer since you won't turn yours on!

So how will you spend this year? A few more ache & pains - not you. You'll enjoy a great year. With eight grand nieces and nephews - there is so much going on. Of course your new puppy you recieved this past Christmas Eve will continue to keep you busy (though I think you'll need a few more batteries!)

You were the one to travel the world, enjoy the five star resturants and the theatre, visit with friends from all over. (can you tell these two are brothers - they even dressed the same!)

Always quite generous, our Christmas Eve dinner is a very special evening out for all of us. Really, we so love our sushi!

An animal lover - while this one isn't little Bobby - she and you were great buddies. It was a safe place for Tasha (the only dog that matched mom's paisley sofa).
So it's a new year - what will you do? What ever you decide - May you have lots of health, happiness, your tax refund and slush fund, and enjoy each day - Happy Birthday UB!
Your Favorite Niece! love, PJ

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Denise Foley said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Bob,
We all love and miss you so much,
The St. Louis Foley's