Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great Shopping and a Christmas Gift!

Ho Ho Ho!  Merry Christmas.  I know we haven't finished Thanksgiving dinner yet, by the way, yum yum!

A little while ago, I need to return an item to Macy's.  If you know me, I really dislike shopping.  So just before the expiration of the return period, I got it returned.  That lead me by the winter coat area.  Last winter I got away without replacing my winter coat.  I've had it awhile, it is showing wear.  It's a great coat, black, boiled wool JG Hook - classic lines.

So I'm going through the racks, more and more of the same - geez, where are the 'classic coats'? Until I turn around and on the end of a rack, this lone coat calls out to me.  With one look and touch, I fell in love.  It was so soft and with great texture - it was made from Alpaca!  It was so ridulously priced at almost $500.  When did winter coats get that expensive?  Though it was a sale  40%, and if you put it on your Macy's card - another 15%, and if you don't have a Macy's card and open one on the spot, then you'll get another 20%!  Do the Math - 40 + 15 + 20 = 75%  Now the coat will cost $187 - such a deal and I took it home.

So you say - what does the dishes have to do with the coat?  (it's a story and a half as I take a long breath)   It is easy - the new Macy's card gave me a 20% off anything I could charge for that day and the next. Hmmmm.  So I go and get a new pair of gloves for my new coat.  Then up to housewares - there must be something I can use and get this great discount.

Bottom line - I was looking through the fine china.  My china that I got right after college has served me well.  I've used it and used it on a daily basis, and it is now showing all the good lovin it has had.  Several pieces have just broke as the chips have finally become cracks.  While getting china was very low on my list of things, it would be nice to set a great table with dishes without chips and cracks even if it only for me.

So I mixed to patterns - Macy's Hotel brand and Lenox's Tin Can Alley.  Two plates from Hotel and two plates and the bowl from Leneox.  Actually they look great together and the sales clerk was liking the mixing of the two patterns. Neither pattern had enough of the right size plates.   I'm keeping my cup and saucer from my first set.  Now get this, the patterns were on sale, and if you purchase them and charge them on your Macy's card, and of course it is in the discount period - voila!  I have purchased eight placesettings for a net $49 per place setting - yes - bone china!

If you want to give me a Christmas Gift that I would really love - how about sponsoring a place setting?  Mom and Dad have laid claim to two of the place settings.  Thank you Momming and Daddy!

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