Tuesday, November 24, 2009

House Guest

About a week ago I had the company of my former neighbor and assistant, Leslie come and stay with me in her worl-wind trip through Connecticut.

She's been on the road over the last couple of years, first moving from CT to Asheville NC, then to Cape Gerardo MO, and now in the Lake Country of Texas.  What a treat for me to have her come and stay with me.  While she had an itenerary that would have your spinning, we got to visit quite a bit in-between our respective schedules.  She arrived on Thursday and we went out for a quick dinner at Joey Garlics. What great sandwiches - enough that we had lunch for the next day!

Friday she ran around between events, I was gone most of the afteroon as I was preparing to give a seminar on Saturday.  Her plans kept her visiting with friends and she stayed over night with one of them.  We met up between my seminar and charity event for a quick chat. I had made that lovely barley mushroon soup and there was enough for Leslie to have a big bowl and take a nap.  As she said, "you go and do the charity thingy, I'll catch a nap with KC and we can visit when you get back."  And we did.  It was like being back at ole Woodsedge, hanging out telling stories and discussing the events of the day. 

On Sunday, her daughter Shannon came to pick her up and that was another treat.  I've watched this young lady grow up over the years and am as proud of her accomplishments as if we was a niece of mine.

So it is my time to get down to visit Leslie - at least she is in a warm place now.  Thanks for being such a great guest! 

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