Friday, November 20, 2009

Great Yoga Night

We had not only a yang practice last night, we added some yin practice. Quite different and both thouroughly enjoyable.

After a painful neck problem that was cause by my hip be out of place, and with lots of therapy, chiropractic, and massage, I was cleared to begin some type of exercise as long as it didn't jarr the joints.  So a little less than two years ago I began taking a yoga class.

The class is offered by Parks & Rec (least expensive class around) and is about an hour and fifteen.  Cynthia is our instructor and she is wonderful.   It is the quickest time spent, though the most relaxing time.  I usually feel the results of the poises for a couple of days.  Not an ache, it is an energy that has been awaken within.
If you a looking for a more controled exercise, looking to get limber and build strenght, I truly recommend checking out a class.  It is very peaceful, and really a chance to relax in a somewhat busy life we have.

Omm ..........

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