Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Furnace - chicken soup

If the last couple of weeks and this past weekend were not busy enough - the company I hired to do my furnace, air conditioning, water heater, air purifier, humidifier began work today. Oh yeah and lets not forget the gas line to the fireplace!

They were here today to bring in some of the equipment and take more measurements. I am having them put my water heater in a basin so that if it leaks in the future, it will shut off and will pump the water out so it won't go all over the floor.

It's a classy group of guys. This is the same company I used for the mechanicals in my old condo. Not only is it the same company, it is that same team of guys! To start off just right, the owner, Ugo Sr., brought me lunch from Il Panino Restaurant. Great chicken soup, bread of course, and chicken cutlets with mushrooms and macaroni! They only do breakfast and lunch and the food is the best home cooking on the Avenue.

How better to start the process of changing all my mechanicals! Yum Yum

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