Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Eagle has landed......

Relocation was completed - finished picking up, laundry, computer related items, phew. Neighbor Tom came by to take me to the repair shop to drop off the car and then to drop me at the airport. Julie made me a great cup of coffee and Hannah and Moe gave we a wonderful bookmark they brought from Israel - about the Dead Sea Scrolls. The airline, AA, didn't charge me for the bag I checked, let me get through the check point except for my hair conditioner - that I had to leave behind as it was a bottle toooooooo large. I guess I could hold up a plane with my hair conditioner?? Both flights were uneventful and I did get a nap on both. Pete met me at the airport and gave me the ride back to the house.

It was great, the kids drew a message on the driveway for me, though it was too dark and then it rained before I could see it in the a.m. :( It was time for dinner, lovely, then we had to get down to the notes of the who, what, when, how etc..... and lots of etc, of the MO household. Before you know it, the clock striked midnight CST and wow I was tired.

Today - semi first day of my "super nanny" duties. First duty - get Pete & Denise off to the dang airport and out of the way! Now the kids and I can get down to some fun. Who isn't running when/where. Easy a.m. for me, then I had the chance to work, and the kids came home, dinner served, and off to a concert that Shelby and Taylor played in. I was the videographer - my first LOL!! I did run out of the film, ouch in the middle of Shelby's last piece, though with a little push, got the new cartridge in the camera just in time for Taylor's performance. Jess was off to do some babysitting and Chris had to do "one hour and four minutes" of cello practice and "aunt patty" had to sign off on his playing.

I must say - what a joy yet what a schedule to follow. Tomorrow A.M. - big morning as I must drive two kids around for the opening of special classes before school begins! It means an early early a.m.

Now with all the notes, lol I missed or forgot that the telephone answering machine beeps when it has a message, the refrigerator beeps if you leave the door open, the little button on the right side of the roof on the van is for the garage or you have to remember the code (like mine) and the door closer in the garage is hidden! LOL!! Not bad for the first day!

Tomorrow I'll end up with five kids in the house - Jess is having a friend, Sam, stay over so they can do 'hours' for Key Club on Saturday - another early morning! Sleeping in is definitely a luxury for the single life!!

Keep in touch -

p.s. the P&D already called in to check on the kids before the concert!

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