Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Return - a Mitzvah

Early, early Sunday morning I arose (for a minute) and then returned to bed - it was too cold! I had packed the night before so I only needed a few minutes to dress and get my bags downstairs. Phew - it was a cold morning.

The flight was uneventful except for a note that Shelby had sliped into my luggage the night before with strick instructions of when to open it. Two hours latter I was back in my place. I began the garage shelf a little bit, unpacked a little bit, did some mail, took a bit of a nap and then a quick round of the grocery and dinner with friends!

Monday a.m. my boxes of stuff arrived and I got to the business of unpacking the work I took with me and take care of the items that arrived while I was gone. I will probably have another long day of getting the bits and pieces completed and put away.

The rest of the week was great, more chaufferring, cooking, cleaning, listening, explaining, hugging, comforting, assuring, - the simple duties yet most important ones. Those are the ones that keep the very fabric of life together. So we did have the brownies - yummy with butterscotch chips, of course why not make choc chip cookies; and lest not forget baking the gluten free choc chip cookies. So everyone was able to have their non-candy sugar fix.

Shelby and I went to Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate store to use her gift card. She was especially excited when they answered her email that their products were gluten free. We bought some extra's so we could surprise mommy and daddy when they returned. We even treated ourselves to some special truffles to share.

Jess and I hung out a bit before taking her to go to the movies and enjoyed conversation with each other. While I was there, I completed lots more on her blanket. Just the four corners to go.

Taylor was out on a hike with OSEP - a bit cold to say the least. It is in preparation of her 30 mile hike in January. Big news, Taylor's orchestra will be playing at Carnegie Hall in April! She interviewed me for her Personal Finance class - it was funny, she asked questions and wrote up her paper, submitted them on-line, and the next day her teacher gave her great accolades and thought that maybe she could learn something from her Aunt. LOL!

Chris and I continue to play the monology game and the bank was still out of money - we called the game, he won with the most $$s :) We also had an opportunity to go to the game store and get a few more games for his DS.

Friday - everyone came home, we picked up, and packed ourselves into the mini van (my goodness this was a great car, super GPS, but so big ) and off to the airport to meet up with their parents. After a enormous hello, we went off to the Pasta House - chain type resturant that serves gluten free pasta.

My time was coming to an end - what an adventure it was! Saturday was not anything, spent most of the day with my sister-in-law and then off to the 6-7-8 Club social for the sixth, seventh, eighth graders that they organize at their church featuring pizza, candy and the movie Kung Fu Panda. Cute movie, though not what I call visiting, sad - oh well, I guess it doesn't matter - because I took this time soley to help them up.

I will say so myself - I did pretty darn good - another week on the ground and I would have felt better with their schedule and would have been able to get more done (for myself) as it is truly a logistics opportunity. I am truly thankful that I could give this time to my brother and sister-in-law so that they could be together, as a couple to strengthen their relationship, and celebrate their marriage of 20 years. A dear friend said to me on my return, you've done a mitzvah. This is the most precious gift that one can do for another. I am thankful :)

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