Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pete's new pets

Now many of you have known Pete's unending love for animals. I remember his love for our pets as we grew up. Of course there was the two rabbits, the two ducks, a boat load of reptiles, hamsters, guinea pigs and not to be last - our beloved PusPus.

Then something happen to Pete - must have been college?? He didn't want to have any more pets. If memory serves be correctly - I think the floppy eared bunny was the last non-human resident at Pete's household.

Fast forward to today - Denise and the kids want a dog, yet Pete says no. His book on 187 reasons not to have a pet should be released in time for Christimas by YeLoF Publishing Co.

Yet today - we have new residents, Surprise Surprise - Meet the fruit flies - Jenny, Caila, Joe, Mark, Madison, Leia, Ryan, Bob, Alexis, Beth, Josh, Alan, Bert, Stu, Bartholomeu, Larry, Tad, Ursula and lets not forget Eunice!
Thanks to Shelby they all have a name!

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