Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday - Hump Day

All is well in the calm before the storm. Today is the first of two half days for the kids. Shelby will be back by 11:45! Didn't she just leave. Actually today, she didn't wake me before she left - same with Taylor. While it was nice to sleep in for a few extra minutes, it's nice to see them off.

Now ----- there is a box of brownies sitting on the counter - I think some one is wanting a brownie fix! I guess it is a slight - "ya know Aunt Patty, brownies would be nice!" hint hint.

Miss Jess was the next out the door. Yesterday afternoon I attended as a spectator, her academic competition for her high school, LHS. These are held approx every two weeks - with students from each grade. Now for those of you that know the TV game show Jeopardy - that's kindergarden compared to the questions that are asked these kids! I did get some of the questions correct - and stumped completely on some, and not a clue on the tricky physics questions. A teacher reads the questions, I caught his eye a couple of times when he became quizzacle on how the question was worded. Anyway it was fun. Jess's team won the first competition against MHS, and lost against the second team from MHS. I must say these kids were quite impressive.

My niece, Miss Jess, is becoming quite a remarkable young woman. I was told to 'watch' her. Yet simple reminders are just about all I need to do. Double check on them for homework, they know what they need to do, though they all can get distracted. Last night was pick up dinner night, we did the left overs and assorted mini meals snacks and I made my colossal salad. She wanted the soup and some of the salad. Easily done. Before we 'closed' down the house for the evening, Aunt Patty doing the check the doors, lights, and anything else that could go 'beep, ding, or ring' Jess paid me the nicest compliment. "Gee Aunt Patty you are doing a real good job at the mom thing" then a simple hug and it was off to bed.

By a.m. she had an email on a STAR meeting which is about a kids discussion about poor and bad behaviors of some of their classmates. Apparantly, many of these kids have found alcohol and are drinking during the day! Okay - kids will try just about anything - remember I was in school during the sixties. I was surprised by her comment - 'their parents don't care'. Even if this comment is only half true, let me at those parents. I've my 'duh' stick and each of them would need to have a lesson about the "R" word. No offense here - parents are to be parents , not absent, not too busy, parents are to be the enforcers of the rules, and the biggest comfort blankie on earth. Parents are not suspose to be the kid's best friend and popular. If that does happen along the way, then I would say they were exceptional parents with exceptional children.

by the way----- being Hump Day - stop by for this week's specials and the video of the week Little plug for baby brother's site as he hasn't written on his blog for more than a week.!

PS by the way ----- the kids said that I say stuff just like Dad.... LOL..... who came first the chicken or the egg!

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