Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday 1:16pm CST

So another two days have gone by. There is still an "Aunt Patty" and there were four kids off to school this a.m. - so far it's we are working like a well oiled machine, unless one forgets lunch, or misses the buss because it's not suspose to be there until 7:45 and it came at 7:42! Lots of activity of course when they get home, chill down time, Kumon work to complete, general homework, then of course computer stuff, like video's on UTube, they can look up just about anything in a few clicks, phone calls, friends, keeping up on the rsvps for Chris's party and even answering questions for the Saturday movie night at their local church.

by the end of the day.... phew.... it can be tiring. This a.m. was about 5:30 - lol for all of you reading as it only feels like 6:30 to me. Then it was "do you have your lunch" , "where is your backpack", " did you remember the book?", okay the socks don't fit into the shoes, put the cello in the van, oh--- pet the dogs, don't forget lunch for Chris, set the timer to pick him up at 9:05 and leave the house by 8:57 - Yes folks down to the last minute. I can get my 5000 steps in before 9:30 am!

Last night was a little more quiet, Molly, Jess's bf came by for a book, (my additional niece I've been told), there was homework, and Shelb and Chris were at PSR or CCD to the rest of us.

My nephew Chris is so funny, he gets back, strews his stuff around and wants to know if we can continue the monolopy game. So we make an easy deal, he picks up his stuff, brings me all his laundry (AP task), does his health (ugh) reading of which he read most of it out loud to me. Then after getting PJ's on, and after all his stuff was readied, then we sat for a few more minutes to play a few rounds of monopoly. While it is the Jr edition - actually can move more quickly and easier on the mind. It was getting just too funny. The bank never seemed to have change, so I had to keep making change out of my stash. We couldn't make the change from Chris's as I've got more money than Chris and the Bank combined LOL ---- The St. Louis Branch of the Bank of Foley (old joke for those SSWF readers). I'm not sure what will happen when then bank runs out of money? but let me tell you, Chris hasn't fallen far from the tree - he'll make up rules! JUST LIKE HIS DAD! I hope that he and I can play it for a few more nights. His Gramma LuLu told him that she would play for days on end. He's so funny to play with. He plays his piece and if I don't move fast enough, he'll play my piece! Mind you he'll explain everything to you.

Today is a new adventure ---- check back later

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