Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday in St. Louis

ahh the quite of the morning.... mind you it's 9am and the three princesses are still asleep and my nephew, the little man of the home, is away at a sleep over. Even Lizzie and Luke (dogs next door) are quiet. It's the first morning that I haven't driven someone(s) somewhere(s) before 8am!

I expect within the hour Chris returns home with lots to tell, Shelby will arise to tell me of the party she attended last night - mosel tov, Taylor & Jess and I hung out and watched some TV which, I'm now so confused as she clicked between six different shows. Taylor was driving the clicker - must have learned from Pete!

So I've had two days with the kids alone (well sort of). Denise & Pete are speaking with them at each major turn of the day via phone. We've been to do volunteer work (Jess), Taylor's "o" group, get together with Jess's friends and one slept over, reminder of the homework assignments, picking up, chores from the board, music instrument practice, played video games, did some YouTubing, did cooking (not really as Denise prepared many of the meals in advance), did the grocery store, did the library, can't do the pictures I was hoping to do - somehow they didn't load which is sad:(, breakfast, lunch, even chinese last night with the girls.

It's interesting to watch them be kids - not something you can see in a days visit once or twice a year. When you add friends, it's gets really funny. Oh give me the drama!

ps - after delivery of said children in the a.m. - and to the end of the day - mind you an easier day - I did some 11,000 steps!

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