Sunday, December 14, 2008

$24.63 vs. $48.94 --------- 14 gallons???

Wow - I had to filler-up again. I so dislike the chore of pumping my own gas. I'd love to find a station that had an attendant that would pump my gas, clean the windshield, and check the oil. To reminisce for those days.

So - there I am, lucky for me I'm in an off hour to buy gas at the local station on the Pike. It's the best price around unless you are near MA- less tax there! So I'm holding the gas nozzel and it begins to flow into the tank. I'm looking around, sometimes I count to pass the time as the $$'s and gallons increase. To my surpise, the tank shuts off and I look at the $$'s and it is only $24.63 - for a moment I'm confused. What is wrong, did I hold the nozzel in an off angle so it shuts off? Did the station run out of gas? Nope to both of them. Now, mind you it was $48.94 this past summer for the same tank of gas.

My accountant brain begins to compute..... based on gross profit, geez, where are they/we buying this oil from? Is it on sale? Who's funding the difference between the two prices? I don't know but I'm seeing really funny accounting going on!

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