Monday, December 8, 2008

Spa YELOF! night 1, day 1 and 2

Over Thanksgiving weekend I had a new guest to the "Aunt Patty" spa. My nephew Seamus came to stay with me, as he said it "for two nights and three days"! He was so excited, me too. This would be his first stay alone , not having to share the "AP" with siblings. He's a great little guy, talks a non-stop streak, asks a million questions, has an opinion on everything, and mind you he does it all at six years old. Mind me, he'll be seven in about seven weeks!

I got him settled in, and by morning, (I awoke a bit late) and he was sitting in bed, dressed, and wanting to know if we would be leaving for the Lucy Robbins Welles Library yet? It was about 8am! We had special orange juice, got ready to do the errands for the day, and before you know it, it was time to have lunch. We had a repeat visit to Steve's for lunch. He's was counting on a hamburger once again. Then off to the Library and we got to see "Kung-Fu Panda" showing. Great little movie if you haven't seen it yet.

The time was drawing near, we played leggos, trains, and got books before leaving to get dressed for Santa's arrival and the turning on the lights. This was the 45th year of the Festival of Lights in Hartford. After a bunch of people say their bit about the event, the choir sing, and then there was an interpretive dance number. One special nephew was getting impatient, lol, I was also getting a bit bored. Where is Santa? Without further a do, and with a bit of fan fare, Santa rose up with smoke and fireworks out of a box on stage. Long are gone the days of him flying in in a helicopter and coming down the side of a building on a window washer dressed like a sleigh. Of course Santa's is a techie and has the remote control - and voila.................. the button is pushed and we have ................lights!!! It is truly amazing to watch the city come alive, in the midst of thousands of people, singing carols, and all of us believing in the season. It is truly a moving moment - yes there is still the magic of Christmas.

The rest of the night was quiet, we read, made spagets and meatballs, and watch part of a movie before we headed off to bed.

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