Saturday, December 20, 2008

......... a decade's events

..... one decade ago, Where were you? Can you remember what you were doing December 1998?

This time of year, I generally feel like reminising to prior memories, some to laugh at , some to cry at, and all those emotions inbetween, the two bookends of life. Taking time to reflect, to be thankful for all that was given to you, for those people that have crossed your path and stayed and for those who are now gone. Have you taken the time to say thank you to yourself? Have you taken the time to feel thankful for all that you have had?

Over the next several days..... I'll reminise, and remember right here.

Ten years ago I had just started my firm. Only a couple of months old, getting a computer, and assorted office machines; then building my desk; the cleaning out of the second bedroom for the office. Wow... lots has happened between then and now. It's hard to believe that so much time has gone by.

Ten years ago my oldest niece was only six and I only had six nieces & nephews. Clinton was President and heading for impeachment; the Dow Jones was hovering about 9,000 pts - we were in a bull market; Star Wars 1 was going to be released some time soon, there were 14 named hurricans - most memorible was Mitch who caused more than 9000 deaths in Central America ending in Florida.......... take a deep breath.....

... stop by and read along --- thank you to all that have stopped by.......... Happy Holidays...... Merry Christmas............ see you with a few more memories

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