Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessica

Hi Jessica,
Today - I wish you a Happy Birthday - the best birthday yet. My recent visit only confirms how absolutely wonderfully you are growing up to be an outstanding young woman.

Your parents called you their little Buddha, you liked to watch the symphony at three years old, actually being three also gave you your first opportunity to drive the family mini van even if it was only in the garage! Then you drove at a later date, it was a tough day - glad you don't want a red car and prefer a truck! Your muscial talent is great, your voice, so lovely! Good Luck in the upcoming concert!

You were my inspiration to begin my crocheting once again - just in time for your 1st Christmas I was able to make for you my first baby blanket. Since then an original scarf, a poncho and I am now completing your blanket of your choice.

On our visit, you help remind me of the challenges you are faced with at school. While it is decades later, there are differences, like the songs on the top of the charts, politics, fashion trends. Though I may not have the answers for all of them today.... I will tell you to follow your heart and head - you have excellent ones. Remember we learn from all those who cross our paths, and I'll always be in your corner and available to you whenever you want.

So my dearest niece, my special godchild, Congratulations on your birthday 2008! May this coming year bring you lots of successes, fun, happiness, and that you continue to dream.
Love you............ Aunt Patty