Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Denise

..... Happy Birthday to You ......

Happy Birthday to You......... May you enjoy YOUR day ----- and not be the one cooking! Have the Gang take you out for GF pancakes!

What a linking of events..... believing that my decision to come back to Central to finish my degree would have had my brother make his college decision to also attend this fine institution! Then he meeting you - we got the best of that one! Now some two decades later..... you are still with us! Since you are the one generally behind the camera - that meant I had to look far and near to find a couple of pictures to celebrate you.

May this year be filled with lots off good wishes - We have all been blessed to have you join our family. How many moves, from CT (the tempy CT home) to PA and now in MO - pretty good, and you have always been a gracious hostess.

Keeping the kids' schedules is a monumental effort - I did get a taste of it for a few days, though you had most of the bases covered. Who goes where, when and with who.... quite the logistics director. Besides that, you have been quite instrumental in bringing up four beautiful children.

So now on to more adventures - though it will take some creativity to top the "H.O.W. 2008 Summer Tour", I'm sure you have some ideas up your sleeve.

Know you are blessed,,,,, know you are loved by many.......... and most of all....... love each day..... Happy Birthday.

Patty, alias the imported sitter!

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Denise Foley said...

Dear Imported sitter,
Thank you soooo much for all of your kind words. I feel as close to your family as I do my own! PS Pete and I have been together closer to 3 decades! We started dating in 1982!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you,