Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kissing balls

I hung more than 10 French Kissing Balls as part of my holiday decorations this year. A little bit of research lead me to understand that the beginnings of it all; as far back to the Druids. It continued to evolve in England to what we more commonly know it as today.

If you care considering making a kissing ball - I found this receipe that was quite interesting " It chose herbs that had meaning to the Victorians. This kissing ball expresses a desire for a happy home life in the year to come: sage for domestic virtues, long life, and good health; rosemary for loyalty and fidelity; lemon geranium for gentility; boxwood for constancy in love and stoicism in the face of whatever cannot be changed; oregano thyme for happy activities, courage, and thrift; lavender for devotion, loyalty, luck, acknowledgment, and constant personal attention ; and anise hyssop for homely virtues and cleanliness.

Merry Christmas ......... to all and to all good night

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