Monday, December 8, 2008

Yelof Spa 3rd day

Today was no different, though I awoke before Seamus. We had our breakfast and the special orange juice. Then I had to get the tree out, my white tree. So before most folks were moving, we were decorating my tree. It's a special tree. Some may call it a psuedo Charlie Brown tree, but it is the only tree that can handle my collection of ornaments.

Seamus was on a mission, he kept on putting up the ornaments faster than I can unwrap them! Then we made wreaths - five of them. They actuall came out pretty dang good. The day before he and I went to the craft store to the those 'picks' to make the wreaths.
He was such a helper in the store and I got my errands done pretty quickly with him in tow.
And that book you see him holding - well that's one of the books we took out of the Library. He was so excited and while it is above his level, he read the words he knew and I read the other words. Before long and just before I dropped him off at his home, he was reading the first page - was he proud of himself? You bet! Let's say - we had a great time.
Reservations are made for the winter when he said he could come over and stay three nights and then this summer he's coming for a week :) Make you reservations now, the calendar is filling up!

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