Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don't Make A Sale Department

It was just bad.... I do my backup's on-line with Iron Mountain - been a customer since I began my business (some ten years) as it was the only way to get a backup off premise. It is the greatest assistant - always works, even when I don't.
So with my new computer - I moved my files from the old computer to the new computer- that was easy enough. Now I need to get the backup to access the new drive and I'm loving life. So go on-line to "my account" LOL - I can not log in, then try the FAQ's, no luck, then I find a link to send an email and send one - that was 20 Days AGO!; (Iron Mountain is trying my patience) and by the way - they are charging new customers 1/3 of the price - some new pricing deal that current customers don't know about?. (sounds like the phone company!)

Day by Day ........ no email returned; so EIGHT DAYS ago - I call and am on hold for 30 minutes - finally get someone. He is trying though we are struggling with communication in english. Now I wish I studied French longer! I get the software fixed, yet the first line of the "support" doesn't really know the software. He had to keep putting me on hold to get answers to questions........ big sigh on my part. I get a "ticket number" on the billing question as he can't answer any of my questions.

Day by Day ........ no email returned; so TODAY - I call and am on hold.... yada yada yada skip to the action.
The chap says "oh you have a ticket number they are really working on it and they will get in touch with you". yeah?? when??? He said " I put a note in your file to let them know that you called today", "you know you are not the only customer". Oh really?? I promised him I will call every 12 hours!
Now pi$$ me off royally! -
So I found the phone number for Headquarters - Boston MA. Heck I'll drive up there. The Buck needs to Stop somewhere and I'm just the one to find who it is.

I get a real person that answers the phone - she1 - Operator.
I tell her the story and she sends me to - she2 - Receptionist.
I tell her the story and she sends me to the - he3 - he handles CT.
I tell him the story and he sends me to - he4 - the credit card department.
I telll him the story and he sends me to - he5 - on-line credit card department.

This he is Kevin- in PA.
I'm so fustrated that I could scream (I don't). Kevin can't access my account to make the change in the billing; Kevin can't get to the ticket number; yet I can hear him fevorishly typing an email; puts me on hold and comes back to say that a "tech" guy will call me back in one minute. So we hang up - the phone rings - somewhere from overseas - this guy Bradeeba6 assists me with that change.
A pleasant enough chap until I wanted the name of the "big cheese" incharge of customer service. I want to send him a letter - he gives me a generic email addresss... no way - I want a real live name of a real live person - one that is walking talking and breathing. I do finally get the name of the guy and he's going to get a real letter telling him about this adventure - should be a chance for some re-training :)
Back to the events..... LOL I still couldn't log in!
I get Bradeeba6 to get me Kevin back! I want my credit! Yesseree - Kevin calls back in a few more minutes and indicates (with an email follow up) that he will credit me two months at the old rate (equivalent to four months plus at the new rate).

Day by Day ......... Thank you Kevin in the accounting department!! Someone at Iron Mountain better give this guy a raise! He made it happen and may have saved a customer for his employer! I wished him a great weekend - possibly a beer or two :)

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