Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jordan

Happy Birthday Miss Jordan,

I'm amazed at how the time has flown and how you have evolved from a cute little kid to a "new" teenager. Congratulations at getting out of "tweenies" with out much struggle.

Now with the onset of the teen years - it is an amazing ride. All of us have been there, and I'll be the first to say that some days are sooooooooooo long you think they'll never end, then there are some that will flash by in a minute or two and you'll be sad they are over.

Making memories are what each day is about. So when you lay your thoughts down at the end of the day, say your thanks, remember the good you accomplished for you and those that are around you.

This new year takes you to new challenges - you made the cheerleading team
at school- so practice your cheers and be sure to stretch out first!; enjoy going to gymnastics - it's a great time to get really focused on your skills; time to become a young lady - so love yourself first; dream lots of dreams - they are the true path to moving ahead.
So enjoy your day ----------- Happy Birthday to you!
Aunt Patty

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