Thursday, January 22, 2009

The New Library Expansion!

Yes ---- I've been sitting on this news for weeks! Yes ----- I've been jumping up and down - thank goodness there wasn't sound yet. Yes --------- in the couple of weeks before Christmas and through the holidays, a rendering of a proposed expansion to our wonderful library - Newington's public library - the Lucy Robbins Welles Library is on paper and has been presented to obtain funding. Today - I met with Marian, our Director and she showed me the initial architectual drawings.

Big thanks to Mayor Jeff Wright - to Director Marian Amodeo - and to the staff, the patrons and to all of you who believe that we will have an expansion sooner than later. To the Town Council - we have our work cut out for us. Our Library is a most prized possession in our town, available to every taxpayer and resident in town. I'll be there to assist you in what ever way there is so that we continue to deliver to our residents great library services!

In good times and in the current times - our staff is innovative, they continue to provided the services that we have all become accustomed to. The Library Board joins with our Director to insure that we have this great place in the heart of our community. The Friends of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library, raise funds - one dollar at a time - to assist the Library in providing the funding for programs and extra's not provided by our town budget. I recently needed several books for my work and the volumes we not to be found. Yet the staff made it possible to find both books. One came from another library in Connecticut and one is coming from out-of-state.

As there is much to do about the funding - Thank you in advance to State Representatives Sandy H. Nafis, Tim Obrien, and Tony Guerrera and State Senator Paul R. Doyle and to Governor M. Jodi Rell - with these folks working on our behalf, we will get our much needed expansion underway.

Now for You - you need to call the Town Council - call the State congress people - let them know how important our Library is to us.

Your truly ---
Awardee of the 2008 Connecticut Outstanding Friend of a Library Award !!

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